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At Murphys Contractors we are experts in drainage and soakaways. Recently there have been changes to planning law in England, which affect new or resurfaced front drives. It's important to comply with all these rules to avoid action by local authorities and complications when selling your home.

An increasing amount of rainwater is being caught on our streets, roofs and driveways. Existing drainage is not coping with this excess water. This affects you if your driveway has no drainage and you let water run straight out onto the street. By law, simply allowing rainwater to run straight off your driveway is no longer allowed. Therefore it is important to ensure you have the correct drainage for your driveway – the ground below your driveway must be mainly sand or gravel so as to allow water to soak into it. When installing a new driveway we calculate the size of the soakaway to be used.

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