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A new driveway will enhance and add value to your home from the moment it is installed. Every step of the way Murphys Contractors ensure that your driveway design is completed to your complete satisfaction. We can help you choose the design and colours to best complement your home by providing drawings and samples of materials etc...

Our processes

Initial Survey & Inspection

  • Site visit
  • Survey of the site
  • Subsoil and ground condition inspection
  • Survey of drainage and other services
  • Tree and planting survey to identify potential future
    damage to the driveway

Post-excavation inspection

  • Check standard of excavation
  • Check ground conditions
  • Check all debris cleared and removed
  • Check soakaway
  • Check heights, levels and setting out
  • Check correct installation of edge restraints

Laying Inspection

  • Check sub base
  • Check compaction
  • Laying of blocks to specification
  • Drainage and manhole covers to specification
  • Check steps, risers and treads
  • Health & safety check

Final Inspection

  • Inspect completed job
  • Check snagging as appropriate
  • Check joint filling sand applied
  • Check final compaction
  • Check making good
  • Ensure all waste removed and site left clean and tidy

Block Paving

Modern block paving, when laid properly is incredibly durable. Providing the sub base is substantial the driveway will not to crack, sink, dip or have anything grow through it. Hence the quality of the sub base is of paramount importance in providing permanence.

Block paving laid by Murphys Contractors comes with a guarantee, which we are able to provide due to the quality of the foundations we lay


If you opt for a gravel or loose stone driveway you’ll have many different colours and sizes of stone chippings to choose from including gold, pink, grey, blue’s and green’s amongst others.

Another benefit of a gravel driveway is that commonly you will not have to provide additional drainage as surface water simply drains through the stone chippings into the substrate

Restoration & Repair

Murphys Contractors cleaning and repair service can restore your block paving to its former glory.

Pressure cleaning removes moss, algae and slime, whilst our re-sanding and sealing processes can enhance the colour of stone, stops oil stains, weathering and weed growth.

We are able to predict realistic outcome for just about all surface types before commencing any works.